Motorsport Organisatie Nederland focuses on grassroots sports. We are committed to offering motorsports as accessible, affordable and safe as possible. Offering low-threshold events is our mission.

We are a non-profit organization: all money earned is invested in riders, clubs and motorsports.

What does MON do for motorsports?

Offers various branches of motorsports.
Makes and keeps the sport accessible by keeping costs contained, increasing revenue, holding step-up days, organizing competitions at various levels and offering entry-level classes.
Is committed to the safety of riders and the public, for example, by introducing and making it mandatory to obtain the motocross certificate.
Provides solid insurance to clubs, riders and (organizers of) events.
Ensures the continuity of the sport by actively engaging with the environment.
Organizes national and youth championships.
Supports local clubs and associations.

Bodies within MON




Medical Affairs