From left to right: Adrie van de Burgt, Jaco Sterkenburg, Thea Vink, Koen Pijpers and Ben Jeuring.

Adrie van de Burgt



Jaco Sterkenburg

Board Member

Circuit and safety

Thea Vink

Board Member

Officials and training
Sound and materials
Medical committee

Koen Pijpers


Sports Committee

Ben Jeuring

Board Member

Track sports
Special events
Northern Region

Federal Office

Cor Peeters

Financial administrative manager

Jill Deenen

Communications, public relations & marketing manager

Anna Faber

Administrative assistant

Ragne Ruijs

Administrative assistant

General Membership Meeting

Decisions are made at MON after consultation and approval from the member clubs. The General Assembly is the plenary meeting of the association, it takes place at least twice a year. All members (clubs) are invited to these meetings and are entitled to vote.

Issues such as the sports calendar, annual reports, sports regulations, policies and financial statements are discussed at these meetings.

As a rider, you can submit any suggestions through your club, but you are also automatically a member of the MLN once you purchase a license. Motorsport Members Netherlands (MLN) is the driver representation within the General Assembly. This platform can include active riders who want to represent the entire group of riders. They can bring up issues as one of the clubs that can be discussed at the ALV. If you would like to serve on the MLN to contribute to the betterment of motorsports, please feel free to email