Our association consists of volunteers, who ensure that we can practice motor sports. There are several committees active, contributing ideas on a variety of issues.

Safety and Circuit Committee

This committee is responsible for circuit guidelines and compliance with these guidelines. All circuits are inspected for suitability by MON circuit inspectors. The committee directs circuit inspectors, updates regulations annually and checks for safety.

Events Committee

Organizing, preparing and carrying out promotional activities belongs to this committee. This includes the organization of the champions’ tribute, the annual employees’ day, promotion during events and setting up special events. Deze commissie is ter ondersteuning van het bureau en bestuur in het leven geroepen.

Noise Committee

The Noise Committee is responsible for the enforcement and organization of noise guidelines.

Penalty Committee

Criminal cases are handled by our Criminal Committee. They discuss the case from all points of view and form a verdict. This committee has an advisory role to the board.

Materials Committee

The duties of the Materials Committee include the care and maintenance of all materials needed for competitions, including the condition of the jury boxes.

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee has an advisory role towards the MON main board and other committees regarding sports technical and competition matters. In addition, the Sports Committee is responsible for maintaining the regulations, arranging the competition calendar and handling promotion and relegation.

Sinds enkele jaren zijn de leden van de voormalige jeugdcommissie met de sportcommissie samengevoegd. So the youth rules are also set up by this group of individuals.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has an oversight role regarding financial records. At least once a year they meet to check the books. The members of the audit committee must be club directors.