Medical Affairs

Motorsports is not without risk. A medical team is present at every event or competition for support in case of any accidents. At all times, this team ensures that with adequate materials for stabilization of life functions, they can be on the scene quickly in case of injury.

As long as we are dealing with corona measures, a Medical Intervention Team will be used. This team consists of a physician trained in trauma care, a nurse with knowledge and experience in acute care delivery and at least one Team Support Worker (Tos). Both the physician and the nurse must be certified by MON. Spotters are used for field signaling, preferably club members who know the sport well. These spotters will receive an instructional briefing in observing and spotting high-risk injuries in the runway, portocommunication with MIT and stabilization support from MIT. Spotters may not enter the track while there are riders on the track. With the help of these spotters, the entire circuit should be overlooked.

The medical team acts according to the MON Medical Regulations and works on the advice of the medical committee. More information on contest deployment and how spotters work can be found below.

In order to field a full medical team at every race, MON needs doctors and nurses to provide medical care. If you are a doctor or nurse interested in doing something for us, we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information (competition doctor’s manual, nurse, doctor’s license application, etc.). If you send an email to, our medical advisor will contact you.

Clubs can find all medical team information in the club login area.

If riders have had an accident, a starting ban may be imposed. You can read all about this in the document below. Should you as a rider wish to lift the starting ban, you can fill out your own eligibility statement.


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