Motorsport Organisatie Nederland is an association and therefore consists largely of volunteers. They are the heart of our association and dedicate themselves weekly at the games and/or behind the scenes on committees. All motorsports events are supervised and carried primarily by our volunteers. Think of motocross races, off-road rides, grass track races, classic race demos, riding mower races, etc. Without these people, there can be no motor sports.

MON thus consists of several bodies; a board, the union office, officials and various committees. Four staff members are employed (part-time) in the office; the remaining staff members are volunteers. Elk van deze personen heeft een sterke binding met de motorsport. We have volunteers who ride (or have ridden) themselves, have involvement from their families as well as people who want to use their knowledge and skills to improve motorsports wherever possible.

Would you like to become a volunteer with us?

Joining the nicest motorsports family in the Netherlands? You have that opportunity! First of all, check out our information sheet for volunteers.

There are several open volunteer positions at MON.

By volunteering for our organization, you are doing your part to keep motorsports accessible in the Netherlands. Of course, there is something in return:

You’ll get a chance to take a look behind the scenes of motorsports.
The opportunity to attend all of MON’s competitions for free.
An allowance of €20 each day you are deployed, plus reimbursement of your travel expenses.
You will have MON clothing on loan so that you are easily recognizable at events.
Support from our organization to perform your duties to the best of your ability. Regular in-service training is offered, which of course will not look out of place on your resume.
An invitation to the always fun employee day for you and your partner.
You expand your network with helpful and friendly people.

As a new volunteer, we will first meet with you and then schedule a walk-in period. You will meet fellow volunteers and learn the tasks associated with the position. If the shadowing period proves successful for both parties, you will join our group of employees. If you would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer, please contact us or view our full volunteer policy.

We are still looking to add to our team for various positions:

Do you have a smooth talk? Then grab the microphone and report back to us. The announcer sits in the jury box and comments on the competition unfolding in front of him. You will be fully supported by the Mylaps timekeeping system, so you can see who is riding in the lead or just a bit further down the field. Of course, with the wireless microphone, you can also go anywhere in the field.

Timekeeping or match administration
Do you regularly work with a computer and would you like to do the administrative handling of a competition? At MON we are looking for people who would like to assist in timekeeping or administration on our jury bus. After thorough in-house coaching, you will be able to function fully independently after just a few games.

Noise measurement
Engine noise is an important item for us as an organization, as well as for our clubs. In connection with permits, it is very important that our sport not create too much noise pollution. Therefore, riders are checked for their noise during races. For the team responsible for this, we are still looking for additions. You and your colleague measure the sound and make sure it is neatly recorded.

Contest Director
Outspoken, decisive and social, these are the core values for a good match director. This person is the hub of the official team, which consists of about 14 people per game. The race director is the point of contact for riders, the organizing club, the race doctor and anyone who has a question. A versatile position that ensures that competitions run smoothly.

This is just a sampling of the positions available, as we are still looking for reinforcements for our board and various committees as well. Want to learn more about all the positions, take a day tour or perhaps talk to us? Then send an email to info@mon.nl and we will get back to you!

Will you come and help us too?