Classic racing

What is Classic Racing?

Riders who believe that the golden years of road racing are far behind us will find their heart in classic racing. Many look back nostalgically to the 1970s and 1980s. Within this branch of the sport, they ride motorcycles of old construction years, youngtimers, semi-classic cars and “forgotten era. The year of construction limit is 1987. Motorcycles up to 750cc and in the Endurance class up to 1000cc will be raced.

The classic race demos organized bring back the road racing of yesteryear. They are not speed races, as they were in the past. The winner is the one with the most regular lap times. The demonstrations are run on street circuits and are usually free of charge. Business parks, paved streets and tracks in the outlying area with nice curves are among the tracks (approved by the safety officer).

It is not about rules, classes and divisions, but above all it is about commitment, dedication and fun for all. Being busy together with the historical machines is paramount. It’s really not about crossing the finish line first, it’s about participating recreationally and reviving the image of the time back then.

Classic racing demos bring back the time image of motorsports in the 70s and 80s.

SAM stands for safe and affordable motorsports, for and by riders .


Stichting Aanvullende Motorsport (SAM) at MON organizes the historical race demos and track days for motorcycles that fall outside the regular track and racing classes.

Demos are regularity contests. This is not to say that sporty riding is not allowed, but it is ultimately about demonstrating sport and competition motorcycles of the past. Both faster and calmer participants can participate. So you can register for demo events without prior competition experience with confidence. Both young and old can be found at these events. A day at a race demo consists of a driver’s meeting, training and two measured race demos.

If you want to join as a newcomer, first consult with the SAM admissions committee. Your machine should fit into the intended time frame and resemble a competition machine. And of course, the bike must comply with the technical regulations and you must wear protective clothing with a helmet. After that, you can apply for a starting license or ride with a day license.


Start pass€ 90,-
Day license (WA)€ 25,-
SAM or RMM contribution


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