Grass track

What is grass track?

Grass track is a branch in track sports. Accessibility and sociability makes this sport very popular. In the 1950s to 1980s, the grass track class was unprecedentedly popular. For several years, this unique sport has regained popularity. It is not a high-speed sport.

Races are run on an oval track 400 to 1,000 meters long, on a grass surface. The direction of travel is counterclockwise, counterclockwise. These courts are usually lined with straw bales, adding to the rural nature of the sport.

In races, six to eight men riders compete against each other in each heat (four laps). The oval track is very clear, you can follow the races from start to finish. Grass track events are organized mainly in the northern part of the Netherlands.

Grass track races at MON are organized by the Classic 50cc Grass Track Team, in cooperation with local organizations. Various classes will be in action, from vintage Zündapps to Kleidlers.

Various classes will be in action at grass track, from vintage Zündapps to Kreidlers.

Grass track riding is for everyone from young to old!


Anyone 12 years and older with an old moped that meets the 50cc regulations can participate! Motorcycles driven are classics, so-called youngtimers and vintage cars. Only 50cc motorcycles, with year of construction up to and including 1982, compete in the classes. For specific technical conditions, see the regulations.

To ride, you need a grass track annual license, or a day license if you only want to participate in a few races. The Classic 50cc Grass track team deliberately chooses not to compete, because participating is the most important thing. The emphasis is on having fun and recreational riding. That said, there is still considerable hard riding in several classes.

Oldtimer manual gearboxMopeds with manual adjustment built up to and including 1968
Oldtimer foot gearMopeds with foot acceleration built up to and including 1968
YoungtimerGrass track Motors built up to and including 1985
ClassicsClassic Motors built up to and including 1985


License typeCost
Start pass grass track€ 90,-
Training pass grass track€ 75,-
Day license grass track (WA)€ 15,-


Grass Track Technical Regulations 2022
Technical regulations Moped class
Technical regulations Automate class


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