What is Motocross?

Most of our licensees are active in motocross. In motocross, you ride a dirt bike on a dirt track. This can be a solo dirt bike, a quad or a sidecar.

Motocross is practiced on many racetracks. The bikes are made to run on many different terrains, but Dutch tracks have mostly sandy surfaces. Yet there is much difference in the tracks. Especially due to the structure of the ground, but also due to different ramps, table humps, long and short turns and wave sections, for example.

Every year we organize a large number of motocross competitions, on tracks throughout the Netherlands. These include championships for various solo classes, as well as sidecars and quads.

Motocross is adrenaline, excitement through your body. Changing tracks keeps you constantly learning and keeps you challenged!´

Even world champion Jeffrey Herlings started his career at MON on a 50cc mini bike.


MON issues two types of cross licenses: training license and starting license.
With a training license, you can train at all circuits affiliated with us. An overview of them can be found on this page. You can also participate in club races, off-road rides and special events with a training license.

If you also want to participate in federal races for the national motocross championship, you must have a starting license.
If you are between the ages of 5 and 75, you can participate in our events. Youth races are usually held on Saturday and various national classes start on Sunday.

A cross race consists of two heats on one day, preceded by a training session. The duration of these heats depends on the class you ride in; the higher the class, the longer the race. Points are distributed per heat, the rider with the most points after two heats is the day’s winner.
Two-stroke and four-stroke engines are raced, and classes are divided by cylinder capacity, among other factors. Class layouts can be found in our mx regulations


MX Licenses

National classesYouth classes
Currentfrom August 1, 2024Currentfrom August 1, 2024
Starting ticket 2024€200,-€100,-€135,-€60,-
Starting ticket sidecar 2024€110,-€100,-€87,50€60,-
Training ticket 2024€75,-€50,-€75,-€50,-

MX Master Plan

It was previously announced the MX Master Plan will start. This means that each rider must contribute a sum of €48 to this MX Master Plan for each season. This fee is mandatory and will appear when you apply for your MX license, both with MON and KNMV and both for an MX start license and MX training license. Riders with multiple licenses (with both federations) only need to contribute €48 to the fee once. To do so, you should download the invoice of your KNMV license in My KNMV and email it to MON will then refund €48.


National competition pass (participation in one competition, excl. registration fees)€30,-
Youth Competition Pass (participation in one competition, excl. registration fees)€20,-
Convert pass€12,50
Day license for MX training on fixed circuits (incl. €5 MX master plan payment)€20,-
Day license for MX events on occasional circuits€15,-
Rejection (for competition at an association affiliated with IMBA)€10,-


Motocross regulations 2023
Instruction on entering competitions
Youth motocross regulations 2023
Cross Handbook
Medical Affairs
Corona protocol motorsport


Day license for training
Purchasing Transponder
Purchasing an environmental mat
Change your license
Requesting delegation
Dispensation or demotion requests
Request new pass (in case of loss or damage)


Motocross competitions
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