Offroad / Cross Country

What is Offroad?

The off-the-road motorsports branch involves riding on outdoor terrain consisting mostly of dirt roads. For off-road rides, special routes are established. There is no competition element to offroad riding and people leave in groups. For 3- or 4-hour endurance rides, time is measured. Both events often have a large field of participants, from 200 to 2,000 riders.

The course of off-road rides is between 35 and 45 km long and is set over a variety of terrain. Thus, part of it is riding in the woods, cornfields, farmlands, cross-country tracks, dirt trails and country roads, as well as part on public roads. In these areas, you need to consider substrates such as gravel, construction soil, sand, grass, tree roots, asphalt and pavement. In doing so, the routes are clearly marked and officials are posted where necessary to control traffic.

The great thing about riding off the road is that you can legally ride through the woods. It is not a competition, so there is no pressure. The rides are plotted as diverse as possible and you can choose how many laps you ride. Organized legal rides minimize nuisance and unwanted damage to property.

An offroad ride is not a competition; the emphasis is on recreational riding.

For off the road, you need a license, motorcycle license, registration and insurance.


Anyone holding a MON offroad pass, MX training license or MX start license can participate in an offroad ride and cross country event. If you do not have a license, it is possible to purchase day insurance before an event.

For off-road rides, you must also have a valid driver’s license and a motorcycle/quad with registration and insurance.

Please note that with an A1 license you cannot participate with a 250cc or 450cc four-stroke enduro motorcycle. The power output of these motorcycles is too high for an A1 driver’s license.


Off-road pass (not for training)€65,-
Training pass€75,-
Day license (WA)€15,-

The entry fee per ride averages €20 to €25.


Cross Country regulations 2023 (KNMV/MON)
Medical Affairs


Day license for cross country