Road Race

What is Road Race?

Road racing is all about track riding. Those who like throttle and tight steering on asphalt will be right at home in road racing. This form of motorsport is characterized by speed, sharp cornering and late braking. There are two racing clubs affiliated with us: RSZ Motorsport and RAP-Holland.

RSZ motorsport
Quite a few years ago, many motorcyclists participated in the popular racing courses at the Zandvoort and Assen circuits. There arose a breeding ground for potential motorcycle racers, who needed an affordable follow-up. The Summer Evening Competition provides just that. Our road racing is all about fun: friendly racing at relatively low cost. The ZAC races are mainly held at the TT circuit in Assen and Circuit Zandvoort. Should the calendars permit, some races will also be held on Belgian or German circuits.

The Race Factory
The minibike association of the Netherlands where the focus is on training drivers. This club creates a platform where there is riding with standard motorcycles. The strength of the standard classes is that the battle is fought on the track and not with the purse strings. TRF can often be found at the Midland circuit in Lelystad, as well as in Vledderveen and Veldhoven.

‘Together through the corner’ is RSZ Motorsport’s motto. ZAC is known for its friendly nature.

From exploratory rookie to lightning-fast stage racer, everyone can participate at our road race at their own level.


RSZ Motorsport maintains high safety standards. To race, you must have certain track skills, which you can learn and hone during a TOMS course. These courses are graded on equivalent speed, small groups and personal evaluation. You can read all about this at

The ZAC has 6 different racing classes: EuroCup 600 Light, Sport and Supersport and EuroCup 1000 Light, Sport and Prosport. Not only displacement, but also your personal fastest lap (PR driven at TT circuit Assen) determine your ZAC class classification.
The daily programs for the ZAC are characterized by a lot of driving time. A free practice, qualifying and 2 races are standard for RSZ Motorsport’s active schedule. The ZAC season typically has 10 to 12 races that count toward the EuroCup.

To drive properly insured, you must have a license. You can choose an annual license ZAC (€ 150,-) or a day insurance (€ 30,-) per event. Reserving the starting spot for the race you want to participate in is done at Of course, you and your bike must meet all the requirements, terms and conditions from the ZAC regulations.

The Race Factory deals with juniors and pit bikes. To participate, you must be a member of the TRF and have a TRF annual license (€90,-) or a day license per event (€30,-). Everyone from 6 years old and up has the opportunity to develop for participation in the various classes.


Annual license ZAC€ 160,-
Annual license The Race Factory€ 90,-
Annual license Dutch Flat Track€ 90,-
Day license€ 30,-
Day license RSZ (ZAC)€ 35,-

RSZ Motorsport

NSSO 2022 sports regulations
NSSO 2022 technical regulations

The Race Factory

General Regulations of The Race Factory


RSZ Motorsport
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