Wintercross Groesbeek

Datum: - 18-02-2024
Tijd: All day

MBC de Zeven Heuvelen
Nijmeegsebaan 1 Groesbeek




    • Registration closes at noon on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024.
    • Riders with a MON license can register for the class via the form. Riders without a MON license should purchase the “day license” form, where you can specify which class you want to start in.
    • You will receive a QR code as a confirmation in your mail when you post-register. You will have these scanned at the entrance to the circuit. Then report to the jury box with this QR code as well as your starting ticket. In the jury box, your information will be noted for timekeeping purposes. Without reporting in the jury box you are NOT registered.
  • Class 1 = 85cc
  • Class 2 = Lovers/Ladies
  • Class 3 = KNMV basic sports license / KNMV offroad
  • Class 4 = Juniors / Seniors / Veterans
  • Class 5 = Nationals / 125cc Cup / KNMV Cup / MX2 Youth
  • Class 6 = Inters / KNMV ONK / Enduro E

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