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Day license for training

How do I apply for a license?

Types of licenses

What is a license?

To do motorsport properly insured, you need a license. MON has taken out third-party liability insurance for all riders. For riders with a startinglicense, this also includes personal-insurance. You can read all about our insurance in our insurance brochure. Before applying for your license, you should take note of the risks. That’s why we ask you to watch the educational film “good and bad sides of motocross.

You must apply for a license yourself online through To apply for a license, you need permission from a MON affiliated club. As you go through your application, you can enter which club your license should go through. Upon completion of your license request, the club will receive notification to approve it. Once they have done so, your license will be fully completed and printed. A license application must be in full order by noon on Thursday if you want to start anywhere that same week.

Through My MON, you can manage your personal data that we work with. So do you want a new photo on your license? Then you can upload them yourself. Did you move? Then you can edit your data yourself.

How do I apply for a license?

If you are going to apply for a MON license for the first time, you need to register. You then click on ‘First time? Register. If you ever had a license with MON you can register by using your registration number or date of birth. If it has been several years since you have had a license, your mail address may not yet be known to us. Please call the office and we will put your email address in the system.

When applying for a license, you go through several steps:

  1. Choose your sport.
  2. Choose the type of license you want to apply for.
  3. Choose the appropriate class.
  4. Enter a start number, brand of your motor and transponder number if you have one.
  5. Accept the disclaimer, privacy and medical statement.
  6. Select a club to approve your application.
  7. Pay your license and check your confirmation email.
  8. Your license will be sent to your club.

A motocross license requires you to have a motocross certificate. Is this your first license with MON? If so, contact your club so they can help with it further. Once you have obtained the certificate you can upload it within your account, email it to or have your club email it to us.

Beginning in 2022, the MX Master Plan was launched. This means that each motocross rider has to contribute an amount of €48 to this MX Master Plan for each season. This fee is mandatory and will appear when you apply for your MX license, both with MON and KNMV and both for an MX start license and MX training license. Riders with multiple licenses (with both federations) only need to contribute €48 to the fee once. You can download the invoice for your KNMV license via My KNMV. Send this invoice to us via and MON will refund €48.

If something is not clear, you may want to go through these most frequently asked questions.

Types of licenses

Annual Licenses

The licenses below are valid for one season, which runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.

  • MX starting license – Costs click here
    For participation in federal competitions and all activities mentioned under the training license. Third-party and PO insurance at all MON-approved circuits in the Netherlands. (Excl. contribution € 48, – MX master plan)
  • Offroad pass – € 65.
    For participation in off-road rides. You can apply for this pass through MLN, which does not require you to be a member of a club. Please note that with this license you are not insured to train at tracks. You need to apply for a training certificate for this, which also allows you to ride off-road rides.
  • MX training certificate – €75.
    For participation in (free) training, regional races, club races, offroad rides and special events. Third-party insurance for all MON-approved circuits in the Netherlands. (The above price does not include mandatory contribution to the MX Master Plan).
  • Classic racing license – € 90.
    Starting ticket for participation in classic racing events (demonstration rides with classic motorcycles). This application is through the SAM or RMM, please check this club on your application.
  • Grass track license – starting license € 90,- / training license € 75,-.
    For participation in grass track racing. This application goes through the Classic 50cc grass track team.
  • Road racing license – ZAC € 160,- / TRF € 90,-.
    For participation in road racing events. The application for the ZAC Competition is through RSZ Motorsports, you then apply for ZAC license. For races at The Race Factory, you must apply for a TRF license.
  • Dutch Flat Track – € 90
    For participation in flattrack events. Application for licenses is through Dutch Flat Track.

Day licenses

  • Day license training
    Day insurance to participate in a (free) training or club/regional race. A day license can also be taken out for special events. This day license provides third-party insurance. There is a difference between an MX day license on a fixed track or an MX event on an occasional track.
  • MX Racing Pass (for daylicense competition)
    Day insurance to participate in a motocross federal competition. A maximum of two times per season you may request them. This applies to all mx classes.