MX licenses 2024 are online!

All championships have been concluded, unfortunately not in the way we ourselves would like. Both the last race in Dongen for the youth, and for the national riders in Meijel, could not take place due to heavy rain. This prevented the riders from celebrating their title with supporters at the track, which is of course a great pity. Of course, the champions will still be honored soon, this will take place on Sunday, December 10.

Meanwhile, preparations for the new season are already underway! We hope you are already cautiously looking with us towards 2024, as the licenses can be applied for via My MON from now on. Riders who should be promoted to a higher class are listed below.

As in other years, there are benefits for the“early birds. If you apply for your starting ticket before Dec. 16, 2023, you will receive a discount! In addition, we will hold starting numbers until that date for riders who remain in the same class. So if you want to make sure you keep your starting number next season as well, make sure you apply for your license before Dec. 16, 2023, because everything will be released after that.
Please note that the junior class format is going to change! This means that for the juniors, all starting numbers will be released, which will be; first come, first served!

Our prices for licenses are as follows:

  • MX starting license 2024 = € 175,- if requested before December 16 (Sidecar € 97,50)
  • MX youth start ticket 2024 = €110 if requested before Dec. 16
  • MX training certificate 2024 = €75.

From Dec. 16, 2023, the regular prices are in effect; that means €200 for a national start ticket and €135 for a youth start ticket. The above prices do not include the contribution for the MX Master Plan.

Changes to the MX Regulations.

Every year our sports committee looks at how they can improve our motocross competitions and in what areas the regulations may need to be changed. For example, the following things will change before 2024:

  • The entry fee for youth and national competition will be €22.50.
  • New classification of Juniors classes. The juniors will be divided into three groups based on age rather than displacement. These include the following categories:
    > Juniors A = 13 to 19 years old
    > Juniors B = 20 to 29 years old
    > Juniors C = From 30 years of age
    The reference date for the above is January 1, 2024. So you belong in the category of the age you are on Jan. 1, 2024. There will no longer be any distinction on cylinder size in these classes (participation is possible with 125cc to 500cc two-strokes and 175cc to 750cc four-strokes).
  • The Ladies/Veterans class will be split when there are more than 42 riders registered. In the remaining classes, splitting will continue to apply from 52 riders and up.
  • No relegation of class is possible after the summer period.
  • Prize money MX2 / Open Inters will be issued at the end of the season based on the championship and thus no longer per race. Premiums will be issued for the MX2 and Open classes separately.

Promoted riders 2024

  • MX2 Juniors > MX2 / Open Seniors
    • Kick van Mil
    • Luc Pullen
    • Seth Verhorevoort
    • Job Eleveld
    • Stijn van Geffen
    • Luc Vluggen
    • Huib Bartholomeus
    • Simon van der Berg
    • Jesse Fabrie
    • Lennart Anhamm
    • Bram van Straten
    • Daniël Kouws
    • Lars van Hastenberg
    • Gijs van Asseldonk
  • MX Open Juniors > MX 2 / Open Seniors
    • Bjorn de Beer
    • Tom Alofs
    • Damian Slaats
    • Wesley Janssen
    • Romano Janssen
    • Wesley Giltjes
    • Brandon van de Kandelaar
    • Jake Coppens
    • Giel van der Loo
    • Bram Jonker
    • Maximilian Lörper
  • MX2 Seniors > MX 2 / Open Nationals
    • Rico Visser
    • Danilo Riemsdijk
    • Daan Slaats
    • Timo Willems
  • MX Open Seniors > MX 2 / Open Nationals
    • Mike van den Akker
    • Koen Durant
    • Mark van der Mierden
    • Gus Leijtens
    • Dean Lemmens
    • Max Wijna
    • Josh Breukers
  • MX 2 Nationalen > MX 2 / Open Inters
    • Jippe Selen
    • Sjors Verhees
    • Sjef Platte
  • MX Open Nationalen > MX 2 / Open Inters
    • Leon van Hout
    • Storm Hoevers
    • Joey Baauw

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